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Self Defense Seminar

  • Increase Your Awareness
  • Learn Techniques to Confidently Defend Yourself

womens defense

Women's Self Defense Seminar

Take control of your life!  Learn the techniques and principles of personal survival and get physically fit! You'll learn how to protect yourself and how to develop the awareness skills necessary to avoid becoming a victim.

Prevention strategies and dynamic responses to violent attacks.

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Event Date: Friday, May 17th

Event Time: 6 : 00 PM - 8 : 00 PM

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Traverse City ATA Martial Arts Free Women's Self Defense Seminar

I have voluntarily submitted my registration for the Free Women's Self Defense Seminar. By submitting the application for registration, I certify that I am fully aware of and understand the inherent dangers in participating in activities involving self defense techniques and other martial arts, and of the basic safety rules and procedures. 

I am signing this Release in full knowledge that the seminar will, by its nature, involve physicial activity. I recognize in addition that any activity in a training environment has its own potential dangers for which, with the taekwondo activity, I accept personal responsibility and absolve any other person or group. 

I understand and agree that the organizers of the Free Women's Self Defense Seminar, the ATA, Traverse City ATA Martial Arts, or any other seminar participant will not be responsible for my safety, nor will any of these parties or individuals serve as a guardian of my safety. 

I understand and agree that neither the school, the organizers of the seminar, the ATA, the seminar instructors, their agents or assigns, or any other individual or entity associated with this seminar, the school, or the ATA may be held liable in any way for any occurrence, or event in connection with this Women's Self Defense seminar which may result in injury, death, or any and all damages to me or to my family, descendants, heirs or assigns. 

I understand and agree that in consideration of being allowed to be a participant in this Self Defense Seminar, I hereby personally assume any and all risks involved in connection with this Self Defense Seminar; and furthermore, I release forever the aforementioned organizers of this Self Defense Seminar, the ATA, Traverse City ATA Martial Arts directors and instructors, their agents and assigns, and any other individual or entity associated with this seminar or the ATA, for any harm, injury or damage that may occur to me or befall me while I am a participant in this Self Defense Seminar, including any and all risks connected therewith, whether foreseen or unforeseen, including any risks created and/or harm caused by any negligent act (excluding gross negligence or reckless behavior) or acts of any or all of the above-mentioned parties. Furthermore, I will hold harmless the above-mentioned parties from any claim by me, my family, my estate, my heirs, my personal representatives, or their assigns, arising out of my participation and being a participant in this Self Defense Seminar. 

I further state that I am of lawful age and legally competent to sign this agreement, and that my signing this agreement is my own free act (unless this is signed by parent or legal guardian). I also understand and agree that the terms herein are contractual, and they are not a mere recital or simply for information purposes. 

I have read, understood and fully informed myself of the contents of this agreement. I assume my own responsibility for my physical condition and capability to perform under the Self Defense Seminar conditions. 


In consideration of the aforementioned activities, and as parent or legal guardian of the minor name above, I, on behalf of said Minor agree to indemnify and save harmless the organizers of the Self Defense Seminar, the ATA, Traverse City ATA Martial Arts officials, directors, their agents or assigns, or other participants in the Self Defense Seminar, against any claim for damages, compensation or otherwise on the part of said minor or his/her heirs, executors or administrators and to reimburse or make good any loss or damages or costs that any of the above parties may have to pay if any litigation arises on account of any claims made by said minor or anyone in his/her behalf. Further, I release any claim or cause of action that I may personally have as parent or legal guardian resulting from any such injury or death to said minor.