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Miss Fits and Master Strong discuss the next Women's Self defense seminar

Posted: September 19, 2018

Miss Fits and Master Strong discuss getting started

Posted: August 18, 2018

Free Hostage survival seminar

Posted: August 18, 2018

Martial Arts Classes in Traverse City: How to Choose a Martial Arts School for Your Child Part 2

Posted: August 18, 2018

Talk to Instructors, are they qualified?

It's important to know the qualifications of the instructors at a martial arts school. Ask about their training and find out if they are certified. People who want to teach martial arts may be personal trainers who are certified as martial arts instructors, or they may have certification from associations within their sport. For instance, a good martial arts instructor may have a certification from an organization like the American Taekwondo Association. Instructors teaching karate for kids should also be certified in first-aid and CPR in case a child is injured during class.

If you’re interested in having your child participate in competitions, you need to verify any certifications or licenses required by state law. In Michigan, amateur competitive matches must be sanctioned and supervised by an amateur sanctioning organization for matches involving martial arts forms that include blows or strikes to the head. At Traverse City ATA Martial Arts, our students compete in the Tournaments, that begin with district / regional tournaments and continue on until World Championships where finalists from all over the world compete in one of the largest Martial Arts tournaments in the world.

Principles of Krav Maga

Posted: August 18, 2018

Three principles of Krav Maga

Use whatever works! We operate in the premise that there are no limiting rules of engagement when it comes to defending yourself.

3 part process: address the imediate dange, violently counter attack, evacuate the danger zone

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